Meek Mill Took 'Em to Church on "Amen"

Submitted by notoriousclassics on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 21:18
Drake and Meek Mill in "Amen"

Meek Mill started gearing up for his solo debut Dreams and Nightmares back in the summer of 2012, and kicked things off with the release of "Amen," a catchy single that earned Meek some heat from religious groups.

First released on his Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, the "Amen" video, released in July of that year, captures the magic of Meek and Drake - who at the time had teamed up for Drake's Club Paradise tour. Amid some colorful boasts and a sample from The Doobie Brothers' "Minute by Minute," the "Amen" video showcases the duo around Meek's native Philadelphia, including the iconic steps of the city's Museum of Art that Rocky Balboa ran up.

But not everyone was thrilled with the track. Jomo K. Johnson, a Philly pastor and rapper, condemned "Amen," saying, "As a hip-hop fan, I want to encourage every rap fan in Philadelphia who is a believer in Jesus Christ, to boycott Meek Mill until he acknowledges this blatant disrespect. And being a resident of North Philadelphia and pastor, I revoke Meek's 'hood pass' until this happens." 

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Tensions increased when Johnson discussed his stance on local radio station Hot 107.9. Meek called in to debate, and things got harsh: the pastor urged him to clean up his act, while the rapper (not entirely unjustifiably) asked why he specifically was being targeted. Within the week, things blew over, with Meek defusing the situation on 106 & Park.

“I don’t think no preacher or no church approves of any type of rap music," Meek said. "But at the end of the day, it’s real life. And me, I wasn’t trying to disrespect no religion or anything like that. My whole family is Christian. I have a half Christian, half Muslim family, the situation, the song, that’s what energy it felt and if anybody feel disrespected, I ain’t do it in that way.” Johnson duly called off his boycott, and Meek got to enjoy his first Top 10 hit on the rap charts.