March 2005: 50 Cent Makes Chart History

Submitted by notoriousclassics on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 16:36
50 Cent in 2019

Streaming music makes records easy to break in more ways than one. This week, Drake made history by having the top three songs on the Billboard Hot 100. But back in the day, feats like this were harder to pull off. So it's worth noting in March 2005, 50 Cent made a little history of his own as the first solo artist to appear three times in the Hot 100's first five slots.

It was just before his second album The Massacre dropped. Lead single "Disco Inferno" started strong, rising into the Top 5 that spring. But it was follow-up "Candy Shop" that really took fans by storm. It sat on the top of the charts for nine straight weeks - all of March and April 2005.

For two of those weeks - March 12 and March 19, to be exact, a third track featuring 50 soared into the Top 5 as well: "How We Do," by West Coast rapper The Game. 50 served as executive producer to Game's debut The Documentary, featuring Dr. Dre behind the boards. "How We Do" peaked at No. 4, right before both rappers became embroiled in a bitter feud.

A week later, on March 26, "How We Do" fell from the Top 5 while "Disco Inferno" rose to No. 3 - not a record, but a sign of 50's status as one of the most dominant rappers out there at the time.