Keeping the Faith: Faith Evans' Biggest Hits

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Faith Evans

It was Faith Evans who first brought a little soul into the Bad Boy family. The New Jersey-raised singer gained Puff Daddy's attention as a songwriter and background vocalist on early albums by Mary J. Blige and Usher, and the mogul soon signed her to his label, where she released a string of platinum albums. But her time on Bad Boy impacted her life in other ways: during a photoshoot, she'd meet the label's megastar, The Notorious B.I.G., and married him in 1994. Their turbulent marriage produced a son (Christopher Wallace Jr.) and ended in 1997 with his tragic murder.

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Before and since her time with Biggie, Faith's been known as a singer who blends smooth with street, and remains a representative of sorts for the love her husband gave in his life. Here's five songs she made a major impact on, both solo and as a guest.

"Soon As I Get Home" (1995): co-written and co-produced by Puffy (with nary a sample backing Faith up), "Soon" became the biggest hit off debut album Faith, reaching the Top 5 of the R&B/hip-hop charts and No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track's sensuous rhythm is a perfect match for Evans' expressive voice sliding down the chorus.

Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans & 112, "I'll Be Missing You" (1997): Biggie's tragic shooting shook the rap world to its core, and by summer's end Puff put his pain into music on solo debut No Way Out. "I'll Be Missing You" was the chart-topping eulogy to The Notorious B.I.G., with Faith singing the chorus to the tune of The Police's unforgettable "Every Breath You Take."

"Love Like This" (1998): Bouncing back from Biggie's loss, Faith and Puffy reconvened on her second album Keep the Faith and produced Evans' biggest solo single: the funky jam "Love Like This." Bolstered by a sample from CHIC - the legendary disco band whose work with Diana Ross powered Puffy's world-conquering "Mo Money, Mo Problems" - the powerful "Love" reached No. 7 on the pop charts.

"I Love You" (2002): another romantic jam powered by a classic soul sample - this time, it was Isaac Hayes' "Make a Little Love to Me" - was a surefire blueprint for success for Faith. This time, it got her a No. 2 R&B hit - her seventh career Top 10 on that chart.

Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G., "Legacy" (2017): for one reason or another, Faith never had a proper feature on Biggie's two studio albums. Things changed with the release of The King & I, which weaves new vocals from Faith with classic snatches of verses from her late husband - both fan favorites and deep cuts. Lead single "Legacy" repurposed some of Biggie's lines from "Would You Die for Me," a posthumously released track that originally featured Lil Kim as a guest vocalist.