Keep it Three Stacks: Andre 3000's Great Guest Appearances

Submitted by notoriousclassics on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 16:14
Andre 3000

You’d think that a guy whose greatest commercial success came from a solo album (The Love Below) released as half an OutKast project, would have more solo records to his name, but that’s not how Andre 3000 handles his business. The man simply has too many other interests to spend the kind of time that albums require. Still, though, he does pop up from time to time on other people’s records, classing up each joint with his presence. Check out these fine examples:

TLC, "Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes": The final track on CrazySexyCool begins with Andre dropping a verse explaining his origin story and how it feeds into where his head is at, at that moment. “I go through obstacles like a whole box of condoms,” he says. “You can't forget where you come from.”

Frank Ocean, “Pink Matter”: Maybe the best song on a great album (Channel ORANGE), “Pink Matter” proceeds slowly, unfolding meaning over its verses. Andre adopts a languid, almost nerdish voice he employs on lines about resignation over love, temptations he can’t refuse and an escape over which he fantasizes. It’s brilliant stuff.

Kanye West, “30 Hours”: Andre’s contribution to this track from The Life of Pablo is subtle - just background vocals on the refrain - but he adds another dimension to the mix, a different timbre you might not notice the first time through, but it’s there to discover with repeated listening.

A Tribe Called Quest, "Kids...": Ah, the teen years - so much trouble to get into, so much conflict with one’s elders. It’s a story told thousands of times before; here, though, it’s Andre 3000 and Q-Tip telling the story on Tribe's final, triumphant album, which makes this one the best of all.

Goodie Mob, “No Cigar”: Here’s Andre back with his ATL buds, rapping about good smoke while the most ‘80s beat you ever heard in 2020 twitches and skitters under them. This is one track that demands volume, particularly on Andre’s closing verse.